Ecological cap: better a symbol or a recognizable shape?

In this digital age, we are constantly bombarded by an excessive availability of products, a flow of information with which we come into contact every day when we have to make a purchase. What influences our consumption choices? What strikes the already scarce attention of a consumer in front of a shelf full of similar products?   

From a brand point of view, this means that efforts to get the consumer’s attention must start from a strategy that allows, simultaneously, to stand out from competitors and communicate product values and benefits in a clear and immediate way.  

Packaging is the most effective offline “tool” with which to build a solid strategy to reach the consumer’s attention: the packaging of a product is one of the first and most important touch points with which it comes into contact. The packaging, in fact, offers tactile stimuli as well as visual (and not only), thus attracting and involving the consumer through different sensory levels; this allows the product, especially in environments particularly crowded by competitors such as supermarkets, to distinguish itself from alternative brands and become part of the narrow range of options considered for the purchase. Packaging is also one of the main channels through which it is possible to communicate key information about the product, its characteristics and its advantages.  

Having ascertained that packaging is an excellent communication tool, how do you communicate a feature that is informative and represents a value at the same time?   

We thought to ask the people of the Net, that is to say the final consumers. In particular we were interested in understanding how to communicate the compostable cap of our ecological ToBeNaturAL tubes. A packaging solution with high added value, because it transforms the tube into a truly green packaging: the aluminum body is 100% recyclable and infinitely recyclable without losing its original qualities; the compostable cap, once its use cycle is over, has the capacity to degrade completely.

But how to recognize a ToBeNatuRAL on the fly in the “jungle” of the shelf (both in store and online stores)? Is a recognizable shape or a symbol printed on it more effective?   

Both solutions are feasible: the biopolymer Favia relies on allows to obtain functional results similar to those of hard plastic, so it can be shaped according to the customer’s preferred shape or printed with various color combinations (even with the exclusive ToBeUnique printing method, which involves the cap and the body of the process in a single process).   

Here are the results of the survey conducted on Instagram: 

The Internet users have decided: with 61% of the votes the preference is to have a symbol printed on the packaging.   

The survey, carried out in two phases in Italian and English, took into consideration users from Italy and the rest of Europe. The result was the same, with a slightly higher preference for the symbol printed in the rest of Europe.   

This figure not only answers our initial question, but opens the door to another aspect: the importance of tube printing and the prejudice, alas still widespread, that only plastic can offer excellent printing yields. The Favia aluminum tube lends itself perfectly to various printing solutions, both in traditional offset and digital printing processes, or combining both processes. It is possible to print on the whole body with various effects and styles (metallic effect, satin effect, multicolor, b/w… our in-house graphics department is at our customers’ complete disposal to find together the most efficient solutions in terms of design and technical performance. And this includes, of course, the compostable biopolymer of ToBeNaturAL.  

Imagine the added value that can represent, for a brand, to offer a product with a compostable cap, environmentally friendly, clearly identifiable through a clear and universally recognized symbol. And maybe, next to that symbol, your own brand: it is more than just information, it is a real statement in favor of sustainability!  

This solution also responds to another, very concrete need: to provide the end user with a clear indication of how to dispose of the cap once it has finished its use cycle. Often, in fact, there is a lot of confusion about it.  Thanks to the printed symbol, it offers a simple answer to the question “And now, where do I throw it?”. Not to mention that the continuous evolution of waste recycling regulations could soon lead to the obligation to indicate on each packaging its correct disposal. Since this is more than justified by a real need, why not go ahead with a solution that also has a positive impact on the end consumer?  

 The ductility offered by digital printing on Favia aluminium tube allows any brand to position itself in an original way on the crowded shelves of supermarkets or stores. What distinguishes Favia printing from the others is its avant-garde and the possibility to include Stealthcode technology, able to create a real storytelling of the product starting from the packaging.  Not to mention that, besides giving a creative and personal touch to the container, digital printing can play a strategic role in the anti-counterfeiting strategy.   

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