CphI Worldwide 2021: Celebrating the pharmaceutical industry’s strength

The 2021 edition of the CphI in Milan is drawing to a close. And while the virtual fair will go on for a few more days (19 November), we can already summarise the event that took place in attendance: for three days, from 9 to 11 November, the Favia team – which is part of the more than 30% of Italian exhibitors – welcomed pharmaceutical and pharmacosmetic professionals from all over the world to the stand. 

A special event, which thanks to the huge effort made by the entire supply chain during the pandemic, was made possible even though the health emergency is not over yet.

And in sharing our experience at CphI with you, we would like to start our reflection from the need for cooperation and the continuous search for innovation for the whole sector, in order to face two new challenges: the first is undoubtedly the lack of raw materials; but also the storytelling on Pharma should not be underestimated, which too often lends itself to drifts, fueled by social networks, and which ends up undermining consumer trust in Pharma.

Pharma industry restarts with CphI

CphI Worldwide is the most important pharma event in the world and this year, despite the obvious difficulties, it was able to (re)organise and manage it, bringing home a great success, both in terms of attendees at the Milan Fair and online: this year the organisers provided an online platform that allowed the event to be held for almost a month in hybrid mode, in order to meet the needs of the many exhibitors and professionals from all over the world who were unable to travel to Milan.

Webinars, one-to-one sessions and negotiations took place both online and in-person, making the show a true symbol of the effort and commitment of the past few months. Industry resilience, in fact, was the common thread throughout the show. There were many pressures and continuous challenges: vaccine development and research for for home treatment against Covid-19 came down hard on an industry already extremely committed to the development of innovative services and products.

CphI has given voice to an entire sector that faces continuous pressures worldwide, also due to the difficulty in the procurement of raw materials and the increase in their cost.

During these three days of meetings, we were pleased to note that the support and networking between all stakeholders was vital to lay the foundations for this new beginning, which starts with the post-pandemic challenges.

But this would not be enough if we turned our backs on innovation: at Favia we will continue to work in our own small way to offer our customers the best solutions in terms of usability, costs and sustainable raw materials: ToBeUnique, ToBeNatural and Smart Aluminium Tube are examples of such solutions. They are the result of a continuous search for technological solutions with a reduced environmental impact that meet the needs of the final user. 

At the end of the CphI, we take home the knowledge of the great strength of the whole sector and the mutual support that has been – and will continue to be – the only way to go for an increasingly cutting-edge pharma industry.

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