Aluminum tubes, the coolest way for food packaging

In Northern European countries it is common to find tubes filled with foodstuff, while this is quite unusual in the rest of the world.

Nordics are very fond of tubes, why? Handy and colorful, tubes contain soft and doughy condiments, it is so nice to puncture the closure with the tip of the cap and, last but not least, squeezing them until the last curl always gives a certain satisfaction!

But the use of aluminum tubes to contain food is not only for fun, there are some reasons why packaging in tubes can be better than other ones:

aluminum tube does not allow air to get inside once it is opened and this makes the food contained last longer than if packed in a pot where it remains exposed to air

aluminum is a recyclable material

aluminum is lighter than other materials like glass, for instance

– with the new technology offered by the last innovations in digital printing offered by Tubettificio Favia, the above advantages are now joint to the possibility to make your product appear cool and contained in a futuristic packaging

Best star restaurants and famous international chefs have used tubes to present their gourmet eccentric dishes, during important celebrations or prestigious events catering societies serve delicious sauces and creams packed in tubes.

Do you have idea of the most extravagant food that can be contained in tubes? It is familiar to see tubes containing mayonnaise, anchovies paste, mustard or tomato sauce, but there are tubes used to contain jam or chocolate cream, salmon paste, liver pate, caviar or cheese creams; even bubble gum has been placed inside!

What about jam of onions and Gewürztraminer wine? One of the most prestigious Italian pastry chefs has just commissioned us a tube for this purpose!

And don’t forget the plus…there’s no spoon to wash afterwards if you squeeze it on the tongue straight from the tube

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