Aluminium tubes market: a strong growth

Long live the aluminum tube! A huge growth is expected between 2017 and 2027.

In the packaging market, the aluminum tube finds a place in the sun and according to the anticipations of Future Marketing Inside research it moves with a compound annual growth rate of over 5% and a positive trend destined to grow again. All stakeholders agree on the undoubted qualities of aluminum, a material considered preferable as packaging, above all for its intrinsic characteristics.

Aluminum is perfect for delicate products, or the ones that have, by their nature, long shelf life, such as creams, gels or ointments. The deformable aluminum tube, moreover, marries the increasingly shared trend of a technological and practical packaging, but also sustainable, able to meet the new trend of preferring a more flexible packaging to the detriment of a more rigid one, with a view to savings also in terms of transport and storage costs.

Why choosing aluminium tubes for product packaging

  • it is resistant to corrosion and protects the contents from external agents,
  • it creates a strong barrier against moisture, light, gases that could damage the contents,
  • it guarantees a long shelf life
  • it allows you to minimize waste, because by squeezing it to the end rolled up on itself allows the product to escape to the last drop,
  • it avoids the unpleasant cut of the tube, usually made on plastic tubes to use the remnants of product that can’t be squeezed,
  • it helps in delivering the contents, for example in the case of ointments or gels for topical use, moreover it is easy to dose,
  • it protects the contents by not exposing it to the air suction that could create contamination,
  • it facilitates transport and storage since it is very light,
  • it can be completely recycled 100% without losing the original qualities
  • it  helps the Earth because it recicling makes new material with saving 95% of enery compared to the use of raw material.

Aluminium tubes: a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging 

Sustainability means respect for the environment, waste reduction, lower energy consumption. Features perfectly embodied by the aluminum tube that fully embraces a new sensibility of the market: aluminum is a 100% recyclable material endless times, without ever losing the original qualities. Furthermore, its recycling process leads to energy savings as it leads to consuming less resources than production from raw material. Sustainability, attention to research and technological innovation are the cornerstones of Tubettificio Favia philosophy that in recent years has collected prestigious industry awards thanks to some of its products, such as ToBeUnique, the tube with digital printing on body and capsule of closure, or the aluminium tube with soft nozzle.

Specialists in aluminium tubes production

Tubettificio Favia produces collapsible aluminum tubes in different sizes and with different types of closure, all customizable according to the customer’s needs and graphic specifications.
Tubettificio Favia has chosen to dedicate itself to the production of collapsible aluminum tubes since the 1950s; in its long history it has distinguished itself for the exclusive specialization in this material and product, coming to become supplier of the most important brands of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector worldwide.

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