Aluminium tubes for museums and events: tourism has a packaging for its own!

Tubetti di alluminio per musei ed eventi: anche il turismo ora ha il suo packaging!

Here we are: the long Covid-winter is finally over and all activities are ready to restart. Starting with Tourism and events.

The restrictions are increasingly being removed and there is a certain optimism in the air for months to come.

The summer season is upon us and so it’s the possibility to travel again and go to places of leisure. But it requires news solutions to easy new habits.

Among them, the need to invest in innovative packaging solutions tailored to companies and their customers which, in synergy with the rules for the containment of the contagion, they can guarantee – and this time definitively – the return to pre-Covid life.

How can entrepreneurs and companies give their contribution to restart safely? How to ensure that the months to come are the beginning of a definitive return to normality?

Tubes for hand cream: always useful, they now become prevention tools.

We are well acquainted with the sense of helplessness in front of the empty shelves of masks and hand sanitizer gels. Supplies now take place on a regular basis so, thinking about the future, it is possible to continue to use them.

But there is more. If the fight against the virus seems to be turning in our favor, personal protective equipment will certainly remain in use for a long time to come. How is it possible to exploit these products to one’s advantage in the context of a new-found everyday life?

The aluminum tube is certainly the packaging that best meets the new needs of protection, sustainability and marketing strategies.

All activities open to the public, which therefore provide for a constant flow of people, could provide customers with personal protective equipment – such as a tube of sanitizing gel – before entering. We think of museums, amusement parks, means of transportation, all places where gatherings – with all the necessary precautions – are inevitable: providing customers and travelers with a kit with a mask plus a tube of sanitizing gel encourages to use them, and can be also a powerful marketing tool.

The masks, gloves and disinfectant gel, in fact, lend themselves very well to personalization with a company logo or claim.

Favia can certainly provide an answer to this need.

Disinfectant gel in tube: prevention becomes marketing

Especially in closed places, adopting all the necessary measures, is essential and entrepreneurs, on the other hand, have the responsibility to ensure maximum safety for their customers.

Until now we have come across the famous sanitizing gel dispensers placed at the entrance of many premises. However, we know well how this type of device has limits: they often do not work properly, they get dirty easily, they are not very hygienic – especially in crowded places – and above all they constantly remind us why they are there.

With the aluminum tube, everything changes. Its vintage charm, ease of use and customization possibilities transform a product that is now necessary into a pleasant accessory to take with you, just like a common hand cream or lipstick.

The sanitizing gel in a tube can therefore take the form of a common gadget provided free of charge in entertainment venues and on vacation. What are the benefits?

  • Favia’s aluminum tubes, thanks to the ToBeUnique printing process, can be customized according to the company’s marketing strategy, even in the case of complex designs. This is why it lends itself to any type of business, from restaurants to cinemas, from clothing stores to hotels.
  • You can print a logo, a slogan with a hashtag, promote a particular event or sponsor services. Think about an airline: a tube of sanitizing gel with the company’s color palette that illustrates the details of the flight, a discount code on the purchase of another ticket or some tourist information on the destination city.
  • ToBeUnique can also be useful for a museum that decides to promote its works of art by printing them right on the tube! Maybe by proposing a small “collection” of masterpieces tubes.

The examples are endless given the countless promotion possibilities for gyms, hotels, restaurants, cinemas and amusement parks. It is therefore a product that can be easily integrated into the famous “welcome kit” that welcomes the customer at the entrance of the structure.

In addition to prevention, the promotion of products and services is essential, especially for the activities that are restarting and which – most of all – have had to face the difficulties imposed by the pandemic. And the aluminum tube is also able to meet this need, while not neglecting the practical aspect: thanks to its shape, it can be used practically anywhere, limiting waste and without the risk of dirtying – therefore, is also perfect for more adventurous travelers!

The aluminium tube is also sustainable: in fact, aluminum, unlike plastic, can be recycled an infinite number of times with processes with a reduced environmental impact. A responsible choice towards the health of our planet.

Combining prevention, sustainability and marketing strategies is now possible: with the collaboration of everyone, we can ensure that these summer re-openings are the beginning of the long-awaited return to the life we ​​all know.

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