Aluminium tubes are trendy

Aluminum packaging lives … a golden moment! The requests for aluminum tubes multiply, both for the proven reliability of the material and the need to meet the new sensitivity of the public, which identifies it with the values ​​of eco-sustainability and respect for the environment.

But then … why not show it to everyone?

An untrained eye may not distinguish at first glance an aluminum tube from a laminate or plastic tube, especially if it is still intact or perhaps inside a transparent package. The vision of metal, on the other hand, leaves no doubt: in this way, the buyer will know how to buy a product contained in 100% and infinitely recyclable packaging, without losing its original qualities.

An important issue remains to be resolved: that of packaging printing, indispensable for product brand awareness. A white-glazed surface is a perfect canvas to paint on, but it completely covers the shine of aluminum.

For this reason we have developed a printing method capable of preserving the brand identity of the product and at the same time enhancing the material used, giving the tube a fascinating “metallic” appearance.

A feature that makes the product even more unique and recognizable and at the same time allows you to recognize at first sight a material that can positively influence the purchase choice.

In times when it is easy to fall into the “greenwashing” trap, this is a simple and immediately applicable solution to enhance products and brand identity without introducing great changes in marketing and distribution strategies.

Perfect for ToBeNatural

Also for this reason, metallized is the perfect style for ToBENatural tubes, which combine an aluminum body with a compostable biopolymer tube: a real alternative to hard plastic, with the same resistance and hardness, but completely compostable. By putting aluminum “in plain sight” the brand will thus be able to underline the strength of its “green” choice.

Integrable with ToBEUnique

The metallized tube, also in the ToBeNaturAL version, can be associated with the ToBeUnique printing, an exclusive Favia that allows you to combine printing on the aluminum body of the tube and on the closure capsule in a single process. For unique design results! Furthermore, the exclusivity of this method, devised by Favia, discourages attempts at product counterfeiting, a real scourge of the markets that proves to be particularly insidious especially in the pharmaceutical sector.

Not sure which alternative to choose? We have a proposal for you: choose them both, offering the same product in two variants. A good A / B test for the shelf or an original idea to celebrate anniversaries.

For more information, contact us! We will be happy to talk about your packaging design strategies and send you a sample of tubes.

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