Aluminium packaging: a symbol of sustainability at #all4theGreen

Aluminium packaging can be the perfect solution for many industrial products, and a valid alternative to plastic.

These are very special days. The World Environment Week is taking the internet by storm: beautiful memes remind us the importance of a new sustainable development and the hastag #All4theGreen is everywhere! While in Bologna, people attend to meeting and events in the lead up to the G7 Environment (11-12 of June), New York celebrates the Ocean Conference in order to find solutions to marine litter and find new ways to protect the Sea from plastic littering and pollution.

The packaging industry is often considered guilty of marine littering and other forms of pollution. But it can also provide the solutions to make things right! Which kind of solutions? Let’s see some of them…

1) Aluminium packaging instead of plastic packaging

Aluminium is 100% infinitely recyclable: an amazing solution to preserve both environment and your products. It offers a unique barrier against light, gases and vapors, protecting the product inside from temperature leaps. Perfect for pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics as for anything else!

2) take advantage of aluminium packaging versatility

Aluminium packaging is versatile: aluminum cans, aluminum tubes of different sizes, aluminum foils, aluminum trays… each packaging solution can be used in different ways; it only takes a bit of imagination to reinvent a product using classical packaging in an innovative way! Have a look to the website of our client FruitAma, an Italian firm that decided to use small aluminum tubes to create a new produt: a pocket fruit jam to bring everywhere with you. Amazing, is it not?

3) recycling: let’s get organised

Aluminum is one of the only materials in the consumer and industrial waste stream that more than pays for its own recycling! Recycling aluminum saves more than 90 percent of the energy that would be needed to create a comparable amount of the metal from raw materials. Plastic can also be recycled, but the process is very different. At the recycling plant, aluminum is shredded and melted, impurities are skimmed off and it is ready to go into new aluminum products, just as they are new: you creates new cans from used cans and foils, new aluminum tubes from foils and trays etc. Plastics, on the contrary, must be sorted by type, processed into clean flakes or pellets and then they are ready to go into products such as polyester or plastic lumber.

We must also consider the footprint of transportation: aluminium can be easily compressed, so less transfers are needed; plastic, on the contrary, will always require more room and more vehicles.

These are just some of many considerations that make aluminium more valuable and more convenient than plastic, in any sense. In all these years, Favia remained committed to aluminium, avoiding any other kind of material. Today we look at the symbol of Bologna World Enviroment Week – a reproduction of Atomium realised with recycled aluminium – and feel sure it was the best choice ever!

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