Acqualaï: “aluminium tubes are an unconventional choice”.

Acqualaï produces sunscreens that respects the marine ecosystem. The choice of packaging is consistent with its principles. The founder, Giuditta Rossetti, tells us that her project was born after watching a documentary on coral bleaching. Most of the sun creams on the market contain harmful chemicals for the ecosystem: as they end up in the sea, they affect the hormones of marine animals and can even make corals sterile, which in contact with these substances overheat and lose their bright red color, whitening. Some marine locations (such as Sharm El-Sheikh, Aruba and Hawaii) have banned the use of sun creams for this reason. “There are many big names in the industry who talk about protecting the oceans, but if you look at the components of their products the problematic ingredients are still present,” Rossetti comments.    

This new awareness led her to inquire and discover that there is a safe, natural filter that does not harm the environment: Zinc Oxide. So, she decided to produce her own sun cream, innovative and sustainable at 360°, also in packaging. “The choice of aluminium was a consequence, I wanted a packaging that was not made of plastic and that communicated our values to an attentive and conscious niche market. The aluminium tube is an original, unconventional choice, and communicates an idea of eco-sustainable and quality product”.  

The choice of packaging is a fundamental aspect for the consumer’s perception of the product: like the cover of a book, it determines the first impact. The packaging communicates the brand and promotes its positioning. There is a new consumer sensitivity, companies must open their eyes and grasp it. “Acqualaï is an innovative idea, which wants to become a sustainable example in solar skincare and in the cosmetics sector in general. An ambitious project that will expand its range of products, expanding internationally”. The biggest ambition, however, is to maintain the combination of eco-sustainability and product quality’. “It’s easy to use classic chemical formulas, everyone does. The commitment lies in doing something different,” continues Giuditta Rossetti. “An attentive consumer needs a transparent brand that cares about the good of its customers and the environment.   

First feedbacks from consumers on Acqualaï suncare products are very positives, both on the product itself and on the packaging: in addition to the fragrance and texture of the cream, they like the packaging and its colors, proudly inspired by the colors of the Italian seas. 

Will the future finally be greener? “The role of the institutions in this path of sustainability is fundamental – Rossetti comments – the recent regulations about disposable plastic are a good start, but we can always do more… “ 

Acqualaï is currently online and distributes throughout Europe. For information and purchases:

(opening picture: courtesy of Acqualaï)

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