Tubettificio Favia attends will attend the CPhI Worldwide 2021: the world’s most important pharma event returns to Milan

In November 2021, the most important event for the entire pharmaceutical industry will finally be back – and this time in personCPhI Worldwide, a crucial moment for the entire world of Pharma which – after the Covid-19 pandemic – is facing increasingly complex challenges. 

Pandemic changes packaging: aluminium tubes for sanitising gel

The first – and probably the most urgent – is the need for more sustainable packaging.   

The pandemic has forced us to produce and use disposable personal protective equipment and packaging made predominantly from plastics: while for the first ones we cannot do otherwise and there are currently no viable alternatives, something can certainly be done about packaging. 

Favia’s aluminium tube is the perfect replacement for the traditional sanitiser gel pack. It is practicaleasy to carry around, reduces waste and above all, it is hygienic and sustainable.  

Even if disposed of in nature, Favia’s aluminium tube has a reduced environmental impact and, if properly disposed of, can be fully recovered countless times. 

We have all seen the destruction on beaches, in seas and natural areas around the world, almost submerged in masks, gloves and sanitizer bottles: with our aluminium tube, the planet’s health will be improved. 

Covid and pharmaceutical counterfeiting: what can we do about it? 

Not only sustainability and hygiene: unfortunately, the pandemic has also contributed to exacerbating a long-standing problem, namely pharmaceutical counterfeiting.   

This phenomenon is growing at an alarming global level: we are talking about a turnover of about 4 billion dollars.

It is packaging the weak link in the chain, most of which are unreliable in terms of security, since replicating them is not at all complicated at all.  

We at Favia have been working for years to mitigate counterfeiting by offering not only packaging that is suitable for the pharmaceutical industry in terms of shape, size and materials, but we have gone even further: ToBeUnique, our unique printing process on tube and cap at the same time, is a revolution in anti-counterfeiting packaging because it makes it impossible for anyone to replicate the design.  

And ToBeNatural – our aluminium tube with a compostable capsule – is its ‘natural’ evolution.   

Is smart packaging the answer to new challenges?

To further discourage any attempts at counterfeiting and to give the final consumer proof of the product’s authenticity, we have come up with a highly innovative solution for our aluminium packaging: the Smart Aluminium Tube, a tube printed with a code that is only visible to specific apps and readers, which provides access to additional informations about the pharmaceutical (dosage, undesirable effects) or the disease of interest, with extra content that users can enjoy directly from their smartphones. 

And, unlike the classic QR code, this is readable even if the tube is folded, rolled or crushed. 

Pharmaceutical packaging fits the patient’ s needs

Not only digital innovation: at Favia we have focused on all those pharmaceutical companies expressing the need for packaging that is easy to use, ideal for small treatment areas but safe for patient and customer, both in terms of product dispensing and hygiene.   

This is how the aluminium tube with the ophthalmic nozzle came up. It is available in two different designs: with a classic rigid plastic nozzle and with a soft one, both perfect for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals as they guarantee ease of use, safe dispensing and hygiene. 

In particular, aluminium tube with soft nozzle is especially suitable for sensitive skin and ophthalmic ointments: thanks to the soft tip, the skin is not irritated and there is no risk of injury. Our soft nozzle can be made in different colours to help the patient find their way around different product classes.

In order to guarantee security and prevent counterfeiting attempts, we at Favia have applied a shrinking PVC sleeve to the soft nozzle. This device, which tightly joints together the nozzle to the cap, only breaks the first time it is opened showing possible tampering. 

Its application is 100% controlled during production using automated inspection systems that guarantee its presence and efficiency. 

The value of anti-counterfeiting implies that this ophthalmic nozzle cannot be imitated and the sleeve can be printed in different colours and customized with the customers’ logo, in order to emphasize the visual impact. 

Would you like to find out more? Come and visit us at CPhI! We will be at Fiera di Milano from to 11 November at stand 6C83.  For an appointment please send us an email to   

 We look forward to seeing you! 

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