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aluminium tubes for eye contour cream

Wellness and personal care are at the center of the attention of increasingly informed and attentive consumers: it is a golden moment not only for beauty companies but also for the packaging of cosmetic products, which takes on a crucial role in purchasing choices. Among the most innovative and effective solutions, the eye cream tube with soft ophthalmic nozzle represents a benchmark for those seeking not only effectiveness, but also safety and comfort in the application of creams for the delicate eye area or simply for delicate skin that requires extra attention. 

Comfort and precision: the ophthalmic nozzle

The soft nozzle ophthalmic tube is an exclusive packaging solution from Tubettificio Perfektüp. It stands out for its design that puts the user experience at the center: made of soft and flexible materials, this type of nozzle is specifically designed to ensure safe, hygienic and precise product distribution in sensitive areas, particularly around the eyes, thus avoiding any irritation during application. The gentleness of the soft ophthalmic nozzle makes it the ideal packaging for consumers who are particularly sensitive and looking for a product that can be used daily without discomfort.

Tube with metal applicator: a comparison

Some products on the market still have tubes with metal applicators. The eye cream tube with metal applicator, although still popular and sought after, is not ideal for the delicate eye area. This is because of the stiffness of the material, which could cause discomfort during application. In addition, even when used with the utmost care, there is always the risk of producing an injury, perhaps even to the eye, with the unpleasant consequences that follow. Although metal may seem like a durable and elegant choice, it does not always meet the needs of those with particularly delicate skin or specific characteristics such as eczema or heightened sensitivity. Skincare should be a time to take care of ourselves-even the smallest detail can make a difference. The Aluminium tube with soft ophthalmic nozzle is a winning alternative: not only does it allow for comfortable application, but it also offers greater advantages in terms of safety, because it completely eliminates the risk of metal particles being present; furthermore, the plastic of the nozzle is totally inert, whereas metal interact with certain ingredients present in the most common cosmetic creams. Two aspects that make the soft plastic ophthalmic nozzle the evolution of the tube with metal applicator. 

Ophthalmic tube for cosmetic products

In terms of marketing and product positioning, using the soft nozzle tube for cosmetic creams not only enhances the user experience but also reinforces the perception of a premium, safe, and convenient product. These features are essential to stand out in the competitive cosmetics market. Here are some key reasons why this packaging is particularly effective:

  1. Protection and storage: Aluminium provides a total barrier to air and light-this helps maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the product for a longer period.
  2. Dosing control: the Aluminium tube design, especially with the soft nozzle, allows precise and controlled application, which is essential for products such as eye creams and serums, where accurate dosing is needed to avoid waste and ensure proper application.
  3. Hygiene and safety: The soft nozzle reduces the risk of irritation when applying the product to sensitive areas such as around the eyes, making the soft nozzle tube especially safe for daily use. In addition, its design makes it easy to clean and keep clean. Aluminium tubes allow the exact amount of product you intend to use to spill out, without the need to pick it up with your fingers or a small spatula, which, even if clean, could still act as an inoculum for cross contamination. 
  4. Sustainability: Aluminium is fully recyclable and reusable, offering a sustainable and responsible solution. This aligns with the growing consumer demand for environmentally friendly products.
  5. Design: Aluminium tubes can be easily customized with various designs and finishes, making them aesthetically attractive and practical for everyday use. The ability to customize the aesthetics of the tube makes the brand more recognizable and attractive to consumers. The soft nozzle can also be customized and made available in various colors. 
  6. Comfort: Application with a soft, flexible nozzle is distinctly more pleasant, especially for those with sensitive skin or specific conditions such as skin allergies or eczema, making it almost a pampering experience. This also makes it much more manageable for beauty professionals, such as estheticians and make-up artists, who can count on a tool that combines comfort, precision and versatility.

Help in the fight against cosmetics counterfeiting

Counterfeiting of cosmetic products is a serious problem that threatens both consumer safety and the integrity of brands. In the face of this challenge, packaging plays a crucial role in protecting products and combating counterfeiting

Tubettificio Perfektüp has developed a solution to counter this threat: equipping Aluminium tubes with an anti-tampering seal. In addition to ensuring packaging security, our anti-tampering seals are made of PET plastic, the most recyclable plastic available. They are available in a wide range of colors and can be customized with brand logo printing or other patterns of your choice-a winning combination for an industry like cosmetics. The ability to customize the packaging not only improves the aesthetics of the product (making it recognizable and unique), but also makes it more difficult to replicate accurately or tamper with. 

Pharmaceutical quality standards

Tubettificio Perfektüp, a leading manufacturer of Aluminium tubes, has invested significant resources in research and development to offer cutting-edge solutions such as the ophthalmic nozzle tube, designed for the most sensitive individuals. The company is attentive to the needs of a market that demands high standards not only in terms of functionality but also sustainability and design. 

Originally designed for the pharmaceutical industry, Aluminium tubes with soft nozzles meet the highest quality standards. Production follows hard protocols, and everyone involved works with a pharmaceutical-focused mindset. This is also beneficial for cosmetic products, particularly cosmoceutical products or those that are applied to highly sensitive areas. If properly communicated, this can also become a decisive aspect in the end consumer’s purchase evaluation.

Packaging as a winning choice

The consumer’s choice of an eye cream tube is guided not only by the effectiveness of the product contained, but also by the functionality and safety of the packaging. Tubettificio Perfektüp’s tube with ophthalmic nozzle is confirmed as the ideal choice for those who do not want to compromise on quality and comfort. With its ability to combine technical innovation and concern for consumer well-being, the Aluminium tube with soft nozzle is ideal for cosmetic companies that want to stand out in the marketplace by offering the best to their clients. 

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