Aluminum tubes for food: the perfect packagincatering solution

It is one of the cornerstone of HORECA and the meeting point between events, hospitality services and product industry (mainly cosmetics and food); it is transversal, because it concerns practically all sectors, from hotels to corporate events, from weddings to air travel, without forgetting food home delivery. It is useful, because it responds to an actual need, but at the same time it can become a privileged channel for brand awareness.

We are talking about catering, one of the areas that we are sure will undergo more changes in the near future. Especially regarding packaging.

Rather, especially in packaging. And in this new scenario, aluminum food tubes can play a major role! But let’s go with order: catering industry is certainly in clear growth. In 2018 the industry marked a decisive + 6% in sales compared to the previous year, against a + 3.6% in traditional restaurant industry. Almost double!

The reasons are many. The driving force is above all food delivery, which thanks to the spread of digital technologies, in particular mobile phone, is really establishing itself as a new habit, followed both by individuals and companies, where often manager prefer to replace work lunches or dinners with a catering buffet in the meeting room. This not only to reduce costs, but to create a more “fluid” event dynamic where people can move and be encouraged to networking, without too much cutlery noise in the background.

91% of the brands that show the most significant growth have admitted many investments in people, technologies, marketing and … packaging!

In fact, such a growth could also increase the amount of waste: let’s think of disposable containers, from the classic American style “big cup” for coffee-to-go to small plastic bag for sauces. A situation that needs to be faced so that growth can be sustainable even for the planet. Choosing eco-friendly packaging for catering allows us to qualify a brand as active in environmental issues, and this reinforces the positive impression.

China gets the lion’s share in the international scenario, with a 9.5% increase in catering industry (!). And it is precisely the Asian giant that sets the example, through a series of guidelines that specifically regulate the packaging use for food delivery, promoted together with trade associations. An initiative aimed at encouraging the use of green packaging throughout the country. After the regulations of the European Union about disposable plastics, another positive sign. We can and must change, and fortunately there are already many eco-friendly packaging solutions ready to use. Like aluminum tubes for food.

The aluminum tubes for catering are a “classic” but also original solution at the same time: although we are used to seeing sauces tubes onto the supermarket shelves, it is not yet so obvious to see them in the lunch box. And yet they allow to store creams, sauces and jams in a truly effective way and allow a perfect distribution. And who tried at least once to put ketchup on chips from a disposable plastic bag knows exactly what we mean …

The aluminum tubes for sauces are extremely practical even on the hotel breakfast table and can be the ideal complement for flight meals: they effectively protect against temperature changes, and are very practical to use, even for children! Moreover, their shape immediately denotes essentiality and elegance. Thanks to exclusive printing methods, Favia tubes enhance the brand through unique design effects.

But above all, aluminum tubes for food are good for the Environment: aluminum is 100% recyclable without ever losing its original qualities and with less energy waste than the production from raw material. And with ToBeNaturAL, the latest Favia creation, even the closure cap becomes sustainable, because it is made of compostable biopolymer!

Are you intrigued and would you like to have more information? Contact us: we will be happy to send you a sample of our tubes!

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