2016: Favia’s TOBEUNIQUE is Best Packaging again

It is really satisfying to have won last year and be highly celebrated with another prize a year later!

Following its aptitude for innovation, this year Tubettificio M.Favia participated to the competition of the Italian ‘Packaging Oscar’ 2016, the prestigious award promoted by the Italian Institute of Packaging and presented a worldwide, absolutely unique product whose name is ToBeUnique

This new printing technology enables to produce a tube with digital printing, on the aluminum surface, but even on the plastic cap used as its classical closure. This extraordinary feature has allowed Tubettificio M.Favia to win the prestigious Best Packaging award 2016 for Innovation in Technology

ToBeUnique has been awarded as the digital printing that involves body and cap of the tube provides a total graphic wearability of the packaging, it has been judged farseeing and informative, thanks to its very wide communication potentialities.

The edition of this year focused on three main themes: environment, quality design and technical Innovation


During the past years, the aluminum tube began to gradually slow down in comparison to the laminated or plastic tubes . Why did this happen? With no doubts the force of the marketing and the greater aesthetical appeal.

But, times change and nowadays the even growing attention of the public to the ecological characteristics of the packaging is fulfilled by the innovative ToBeUnique, a powerful technology able to offer an irresistible aesthetic fashion to aluminum, an infinitely and 100% recyclable material.

175 years after its birth, ToBeUnique has been able to bring the metallic tube to light again.


Digital printing consents to obtain high quality photographic images and to print seamless at 360° on the whole surface of the tube, furthermore, thanks to ToBeUnique, the printing really becomes unique; the tube and its cap joint together are printed simultaneously and this allows to play with the movement of the two parties screwing together in order to enhance the peculiarity of two different material and special graphical effects.


For the first time the digital printing is applied at the same time on two surfaces so different, like aluminum and plastic. This has been achieved thanks to the study and realization of a completely new dedicated printing machine

Thanks to all Favia’s team, that has been fundamental to this success, we wouldn’t have won again without everyone’s sustain and hard work.

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